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Popular Website Trust Certification
Badges, Seals and Logos

Website TrustmarksThe BBB accredited business seal is a widely-recognized symbol in the U.S. and Canada, signifying that the business has been thoroughly vetted and deserves customers' trust.

However, the BBB is definitely not the only organization out there that sets to promote marketplace trust.
Several other organizations are in the trust-mark business and offer their own seal, badge or icon.

Official looking graphic seals which adorn many commercial websites are usually awarded based on whether they meet certain security, reputation or privacy related criteria.

There are different types of badges but their purpose is pretty much identical: to increase trust among prospective clients.
Modern era companies that have an online presence understand that their bottom line pretty much depends on the site visitor's confidence to do business with them online.

One of the most common and effective ways to make website visitors feel welcome and safe is by placing confidence boosting graphic seals.
These icons make many potential customers believe that they are in good hands and that they're dealing with a reliable and trustworthy company.

Trust boosting logos generally carry a positive influence on website users, but are especially critical under 2 distinct circumstances.
The first is when a site is unfamiliar and is not a well known brand that naturally enjoys a high level of public trust.

The second is when the site belongs to a business sector that has significant reputation challenges (according to the general public's perception) and therefore needs to do everything in its power to enhance consumer confidence.

However, even popular and well-established sites use such badges frequently, since they offer numerous benefits to the business and to potential customers alike.

For the website, more consumer confidence often translates to more paying clients and more sales and that's a purpose all businesses share.
For customers, it's a way to know that they're dealing with a website that offers better security and privacy and therefore perceived as safer and legitimate.

Trustmark Type


SSL Certification Providers Comodo
To show that the site is secure and that
sensitive information is encrypted, so the customer can feel safe and confident to
finalize a transaction and
use their credit card online.

Security /
McAfee Secure
Trust Guard
Norton Secured

To show that the site is using the strictest
technological measures to increase security
with regard to hacking, exploits, security
holes and system vulnerabilities.
Privacy Truste
Trust Guard
To show that the site has taken extra
measures to assure potential
customers of their privacy.

Reputation / Ethical Business Practices BBB To show that the business is legitimate
and has been vetted by a credible
third party.

In conclusion, whether justified or not, third party provided trust icons are perceived by many consumers as endorsements and stamps of approval for a business's reliability and credibility.
They are sending an assuring message to website visitors, build confidence and form trustworthiness perceptions.