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Ally Invest click

A discount brokerage firm, in business since 2005.

Offers online trading of stocks, options, ETF's, mutual funds, bonds, CDs, treasuries and Forex.

Capital One Investing click

An online trading platform, established in 1996.

Offers stocks, options, mutual funds and exchange–traded funds.

TD Ameritrade click

In business since 1975.

Offers powerful and comprehensive online trading tools, long-term investing and retirement planning.

LOYAL3 click

Founded in 2008.

A unique social platform that enables small investors to buy and sell stocks of their favorite brands directly from the companies, completely free - without paying any fees.


As history shows time and time again, purchasing stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other types of securities is a lucrative way to earn money, for long term investors as well as day traders alike. At the start of the stock market, most day-to-day action occurred on the trade floor, located at the actual stock market. Today, most transactions happen online, through electronic trading platforms. New-era investment companies have started such sites to allow the investor to buy and sell directly, with or without the help of a traditional broker. These web-based trading sites make it possible for individuals to make financial decisions regarding their portfolio nearly instantly.

whatWhat Are Online Trading Sites?

These websites are not run by stock markets directly. Independent third-party trading companies, brokerage houses and financial institutions run these financial platforms. They charge a fee for each transaction the individual makes and the customer can buy and sell stocks and other instruments right from the comfort of home.

People who wish to start using such services must first open an account, which is linked to a funding source, which is often a bank account. Once in place, the individual can begin to purchase his or her desired investments. The client can to track the changes in value, make additional purchases, sell the investment, or otherwise manage his or her portfolio.

whatWhat Can You Do On Such Sites?

Without these types of websites and services, individuals without a broker they work with could not trade on the open market. Even in this case, the transactions occur through a third-party brokerage. These sites allow investors to buy and sell a range of securities, including:

• Stocks
• Options
• ETFs
• Mutual Funds
• Fixed Income
• Forex

Some allow the customer to invest not only in the U.S., but also in overseas markets. Additionally, they often provide valuable tools for the trader to use when making purchasing decisions. This may include calculators for profit and loss, probability and pricing. These also include technical analysis tools and screeners. Some of these trading platforms also provide a financial advisor who can help the individual to make more informed decisions.

whatWhat Are the Benefits of Using Such Services?

Individuals using legitimate and reliable online investment websites (preferably, BBB accredited ones) have access to their portfolio information at a moment's notice. All account information is nearly always available to the investor. Research is done on-site, allowing the client to make educated decisions about purchases. Additionally, he or she does not have to wait for a broker to make the transactions on his or her behalf.

Furthermore, when compared to old fashioned services, such as hiring an offline broker, the use of these websites tends to be significantly less expensive. Some charge a flat fee whereas others charge a per-transaction fee. This tends to be less, though, than what one would pay through traditional investment companies. The ease of use, affordability and financial resources provided through online brokerages makes them a worthwhile alternative to traditional investment firms.