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Individuals or businesses that are setting up a new website need to establish an original, one of a kind address for them. All internet websites have a numerical web address assigned to them. However, this is not easy for most people to remember. To ensure that you can easily communicate with others about how to find your site, you will need to pick a unique name-based internet address that no other website has. Then, you need to register it. Domain registration websites enable you to complete this process.

whatWhat Is a Domain Name?

A domain name is simply a set of characters or words that represent the location of your blog or website on the information superhighway. Generally, this is the portion of the web address that follows the "www." part. In most cases, this descriptive word (or set of words) is easy for people to remember. However, a domain name also has to be unique so as not to be confused with other resources on the web. It is advised to choose a name that naturally fits the website you are creating.

whatWhat Are Domain Registrars?

If you imagine the Internet as a city, each website or blog is a plot of land. Legitimate and reliable domain registration websites (preferably, BBB accredited ones), allow you to stake your claim on each one of those locations. They enable you to create an internet address you would like to use as the name of your site and to register that name (aka URL) so that no one else can use it. These companies sell you this type of service, as well as other, complementing ones.

Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to keep your address under your ownership. Generally, you will need to pay an annual fee for it. After a year, if you do not renew and allow it to expire, someone else can purchase and use it for another website, even for a competing business.

whatWhat Can You Do on Such Sites?

When you visit these registrar's websites, you are able to use the WHOIS search tool on them to learn about the availability of a domain name of your choice. In general, these services will allow you to input what your selection or option is and it will tell you if that name is available. If it is not, you will be given alternative available options that may work for you.

You can register virtually any type of address on these registrars. This includes the common .com, .net, .info, and .org extensions, as well as many others, less known ones. You can buy more than one extension for a selected domain. For example, you may want to purchase the .com, .net and the .org extensions for a chosen web address for two main reasons: to protect your brand and to avoid confusion with potential competitors.

If you plan to start a blog or a website, it's one of the first basic steps you need to take. It gives you control over creating your own website the way you want to and additionally, it's an essential branding, marketing and advertising tool that helps to promote your business.