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BBB Approved Companies

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National Debt Relief click

A debt settlement company. In business since 2009.

Negotiates on the client's behalf with his creditors for a significant reduction in an unsecured debt.

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services click

Founded in 1993.
A nonprofit credit counseling agency that helps consumers to regain financial stability, control and security.

Provides counseling, debt management programs (DMP), financial educational resources and free debt consultation by a certified credit counselor.

Freedom Debt Relief click After getting a free initial evaluation, this program provides expert debt negotiations and settlements with the customer's creditors.


Debt is a significant financial burden on many households in the United States. It is easy to accumulate and very difficult to pay off.

In fact, if you make only the required minimum payments on your credit cards, it could take a decade or longer to repay the money you owe. In the process, the interest builds, leading to double or more of your original total. Paying it off is difficult if not impossible.

That is where legitimate, reliable, BBB accredited companies and organizations that provide comprehensive debt relief solutions can step in and deliver substantial help.

whatWhat Is Debt Relief?

In simple terms, it's any method that helps you to find some reduction in the amount of debt you have, in the amount you must pay monthly, or in the overall cost of repaying the outstanding amount, such as a reduction in interest rates.

If you are struggling to repay the full amount, there are several potential solutions that may come to your help, such as:

Debt Consolidation

One of the common options for many consumers is to consolidate their debt. This process allows you to lump everything you owe into one monthly payment. There are two main ways to do this.

  1. You work with a professional third-party counselor that negotiates with your lenders to reduce how much you owe each one so that you can afford to make one payment each month.
  2. You secure a large loan or credit card and use them to repay your smaller, higher-interest rate loans. This is often difficult to do if you have bad credit, since it requires having home equity or good credit.

Consolidation makes it easier for you to repay the debt because you have just one payment to make each month. It does not, necessarily reduce the total Dollar amount. Some counselors are able to reduce the amount owed, but this is not always possible.

Debt Settlement

In some instances, you may want to settle your outstanding financial obligations. Lenders may be willing to work out a realistic mutually agreed compromise with you if they feel you may default or file bankruptcy in case they do not settle for less than what you actually owe.

There are third-party companies that can assist you with this negotiation process. It may be possible to see a considerable reduction of 20 to 75 percent of your owed amount through this strategy. However, you agree to pay the balance in full once you reach an agreement with the creditor or in some cases, in a few payments over a short period of time.

Debt Management

Debt management services work with you to create a budget and help you to manage your finances. These organizations may help to reduce your interest rate and assist you to make payments on time to your creditors. Some also help you to pay off your debt through settlement offers to lenders.

whatWhy Do People Need Debt Relief?

Unfortunately, people can make mistakes and end up in financial hot water. Sometimes, medical bills pile up unexpectedly. A lost job can devastate a family financially. No matter what the reason is, people in such challenging circumstances should consider the different options for a solution.

Doing so can help you get out of debt, avoid filing bankruptcy and begin building a strong financial future for yourself. The sooner you act, the faster you can get your old life back.