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Consumers have the option to purchase paper checks through specialized websites dedicated to providing this service. Often, checking account holders will need to buy through these online companies, if they wish to avoid the much higher costs most banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions charge for them.

whatWhat Are Checking Ordering Sites?

These websites provide access to safe and secure ordering of paper documents, called checks, which allow consumers to make payments to third parties, by using this method. Although most transactions today occur through electronic means, writing old fashioned checks is still common by individuals and businesses alike.

whatWhat Do They Offer?

Such websites enable consumers to purchase checks designed specifically for their bank account. As long as the consumer has the bank's name, routing number, and account number, the company can create checks that can be used to withdraw money from these accounts as payment. Most offer single and duplicate check products, both of which are widely accepted as methods of payment. In addition, most of these services offer additional products and features, including the following:

• Registers, for keeping track of transactions.

• Covers, to hold both the register and the booklet of checks.

• Budgeting books and tools.

• Ledgers for businesses, since most websites sell both consumer and business-related products.

• Matching self-address stickers for envelopes.

• Other paper goods.

If you are a business or an individual customer who needs to purchase new checks so you can write out payments, these websites provide you with virtually everything you need to write, organize and send them easily and efficiently.

whatWhat Are the Benefits of Using Such Sites?

There are several reasons to use this type of online service instead of turning to a regular bank to obtain these documents. Consider the following:

• These websites tend to be significantly less expensive than purchasing directly from most U.S. banks.

• Most of the time, the consumer, or business has a larger number of background images, colors and styles to select from than he or she would have at a mainstream financial institution.

• You can select the font type and style to use on these documents.

• Complete stationary sets, including self-address stickers, matching checks and paper may be available.

• It is possible to purchase in bulk at an even larger discount rate.

• It can take a fraction of the time to purchase from such sites compared to other traditional sources.

• Most of the time, these higher-end companies offer numerous safety documents, with water seals and other types of security-related features on the checks, which you can purchase if you would like to.

Also, note that legitimate, well-respected, BBB-accredited check-ordering websites usually provide high levels of security and are dependable. Making payments through checks is still necessary in many cases. These sites ensure you have access to the actual tools you need to customize, order, and manage all of your bill payment needs in one place.