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When a new car is bought, the consumer is often given a manufacturer's warranty. This is a promise that the company will make the needed repairs if there is a problem with it after purchase. Warranties like this offer various types of protections as well as peace of mind to the driver. Most will last for a specific length of time or for a set number of miles. At that point, this guarantee expires. However, through an extended auto warranty, it may be possible to continue the protection longer, thus reducing the need to have to pay for covered repairs out of the customer's pocket.

whatWhat Is an Extended Auto Warranty?

Some companies sell extensions on these original car warranties. Many times, larger repairs and breakdowns will happen at some point. This tends to occur after the vehicle's manufacturer's warranty has expired. The extension-type policy that you can purchase will cover many of the same potential problems but for a long period of time. With this in place, the consumer does not have to worry about costly repairs should they occur.

whatWhat Does It Offer?

Before purchasing these, be sure to read the documentation and fine print carefully. These are legally binding service contracts, but the terms of them can range widely. In some cases, these offers will provide protection from a large number of potential breakdowns and repair needs, including the following:

• Major systems of the vehicle, including the engine, air conditioning, heating, and fuel system

• Seals and gaskets

• Brakes

• Electrical components

• Suspension systems

• Steering systems

• Transmissions

However, most companies will offer multiple options in these warranties and the client can choose the level of coverage he desires. Some plans will cost more than others, because they are more comprehensive and include more package features.
Should a covered repair occur, the vehicle's owner is then able to have the it completed by the required mechanics. Some companies allow the customer to choose the actual mechanic or require the car to be serviced at a manufacturer repair shop.

whatWhy Do People Need It?

Vehicle repairs can be expensive. A major system breakdown, such as the engine, cooling system, or the electrical system, can cost thousands of dollars to fix. Many people do not want to pay these large sums of money out of their own pocket. The extended warranty may cover these costs so that the owner does not have to worry about footing most of the bill.

whatWhat Are the Benefits of Obtaining It?

Any person that owns a car may wish to consider the benefits of purchasing this type of warranty protection from a legitimate company (preferably, a BBB accredited one). Most of the time, these will become available through specialized third-party insurers after the manufacturer's warranty expires. However, it may be possible to purchase them prior to this if you wish to have more protection than the original guarantee covers.

In many cases, the purchase of these service plans can help to reduce the cost of unpleasant wear and tear surprises down the road. It can be less expensive to pay the premium for this protection than to pay for a major breakdown that leaves the car unable to be used. This is why more and more people find this option beneficial and attractive.