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A quick and easy way to find legitimate
websites of BBB approved businesses.

About Us

About is an online guide for legitimate businesses in a wide range of categories.
In order to make sure that websites that we list are indeed legitimate, we only include companies and businesses that were accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Why? For 3 reasons:

>> BBB accredited businesses have been extensively checked and verified by one of the most respectable national consumer organizations.

>> Accredited businesses are contractually committed to the BBB's principles of ethical business practices.

>> Due to the nature of the thorough vetting process, scammers,
con-artists and fraudsters as well as poorly run companies are very unlikely to get a certification from the agency.

In order to have a better understanding, please read our helpful informational articles that generally explain what is the Better Business Bureau as well as what Is a BBB Accredited Business and why does it matter?.
These articles will provide you with essential background to the entire subject and will answer some common questions.